by Dawn of Eternity

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Our debut album


released March 22, 2014

Sara Seubert: Vocals
Johannes Kittel: Guitars & Backing Vocals
Sven Fichtner: Bass & Backing Vocals
Torsten Ossowicki: Drums

All songs & lyrics written by Dawn of Eternity
All songs recorded 2013 in Nürnberg, Germany by Johannes Kittel
Mixed and mastered by Johannes Wenisch @ room4
Pictures by Julia Kittel (
Bandphoto by Bruno Herzog
Artwork design by Sven Fichtner
Layout and editing by Sven Fichtner and Maria Röder



all rights reserved


Dawn of Eternity Nuremberg, Germany

Album release date: March 22nd 2014

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Track Name: Ego
In the darkness I hope your ego
burns your soul
In the darkness I hope you burn
So my tears won't gush no more

I swallowed their razors
And they cut my throat
The glass shattered
The dream is dead

You did ask me to give
To give you all of my life
It'd sound so sweetly
I just had to fall for you
But just to rape it
And to leave my body hollow
You did betray me
Now I know your lying face

In the darkness I hope your ego burns your soul
All the corpsesy ou played your games with
Shall come and take you down
And no mercy for the pain as you did throw me away
Cry yourself to sleep
I won't give you my saving hand this time

This cancer remeins unhealed
No warmth left
No place to hide

Why did you play me like a little child's toy?
I am a human and I do deserve honesty
So if you suffer just the same as I do
I say you have no clue, think twice next time

You knew that I would feel this way
And you did nothing to keep me from breaking
You never did care
Now I have to fight for the last little shred
Of selfesteem you kindly left
Trying not to drown in the thousands of tears
I cried for you

You'll stay alone - Go die on your own
Track Name: Goodbye
If I would kill myself today
Would anybody even notice?
I'm not there anymore
Would somebody waste a single tear
For poor me
And my wasted flesh

Long ago I did stop telling this to myself
But now as my days are counting down
To my dusk I would love the thought of somebody caring
Somebody to walk my last mile by my side
Love brings hate, hate kills
but without love you will die

As today on my last day I sit here dead inside
I don't know who I hate more
Myself or them
But who cares it's just me to go
off this world
Nobody will give a fuck
Wether I bleed or not
And nobody will give a fuck
Wether I breath or not
And nobody will give a fuck
Wether I live or not

Arisen from the ashes
I'm no phoenix
I'm nothing to anyone
Just let me die alone
Your nothing to anyone
I did die for your sins
Now you cruxify me
Track Name: Cut Me Loose
Today I raped
all the dreams we built
together through these years
It amused me to see them
die inside your eyes
I wanted to payback
your arrogance and your lies

I'm so numb of your lies
I'm the fool who did everything for you
You took it all for granted
While the rage built inside me

You loved to use me
Then you spat me out
and took some new friends
You left me behind
Suffering my own bitterness

So why are you so suprised
to feel the hate
growing inside of me

I won't be one of your slaves for eternity

Today I cut myself
free of your spell
No more ever again
I will not crawl for you
No more ever again
I'll be your fucking fool
No more, no more
I will not die for you
Cry as you want
Hurt yourself
I don't care
No more, no more
will I die for you
Track Name: Amorticure
Yet another night falls
I keep the light in my hands
While sanity is fading
Eden burns

The scorn of your tears
Leaves me dying inside
So I still miss your face
In an everlasting night

And I can only dream
For I can only scream
For the love I can't express
It is mocking me through my dreams

Take my rotten flesh
Once more hold me tight
To keep the memory alive
Buried lies

For all you have given
I have forsaken
Just to leave you naked
In the dying winter

There is nothing in my world
All I can do is pretend
There is no way to save me
There is no light at the end
Don't feed me your sweet lies
I am aware of the dead end
Don't hold my hand
It burns
Track Name: Sing For Me
Behind the mask of my dark face
I hide my empty eyes
Far behind the lake of my dreams
Where the cascade hits the quiet lake
The felicity of fugacious times
The comfort of a place to hide
For I am lost forever
In this fatasy

Oh raven sing
Sing for me
The song of infinity
Fly me away
Upon your dark wings
To where my mind can be free

The luminesence of your grace
Leeds me through the mist
The words that you whisper
Lead me to where I've never been
For you pierce right through me
And set my soul free
A place once so dark
Became a home

Fly me away
Track Name: Guilty
I just don't
Have the strenght to hide

All I think about
Is suicide

For all your lifes
would be so much better
without me darkening
your happy little lies

And I feel so guilty
for who and what I am
And I hate myself
just a little more today
I am so ashamed
of the tears on my face
for I cannot keep up with time's pace

Nothing really matters
Life just makes me sick
The sands of time are running out

But I'm getting old
And lonely

But I don't give a fuck
Track Name: Blind My Eyes
I scream these words into the silence
Let me run way
I'm so confused I can't see the way
Blind my eyes

I watched a butterfly today
A moment that made sad inside
How I would love to die right now
All this blood that I can't wash away

I turned my eyes away
For I cannot stand this place
I am the queen of an empty world
Haunted by myself
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide

Behind the walls of glass
I see the people living their lives
Why can't I join them
Why can't I be a part of them
I died the first time
With my first breath
I recalled to rape myself
Track Name: No Emotions
Tear my heart wide open
And take out everything that you will find
Spread it out on the table
So you can see all the tings inside
Now tell me where's my love
Have you found him somewhere there
Just one little sign that he still belongs to me

No emotions
How can I be shure
With no feelings at all
It's so dark and cold in here
Bring light and warm my soul
Show me how to love
With no emotions

And if you do not find him
Please be so kind and don't tell me
Lie to me just this one time
And say he still belongs to me
I wish I could say
I'm just confused
And time will bring back my mind
But I know myself
And I know my own bagage
My own enemy

I wish I wouldn't have to harm you
I wish I could see the way
Track Name: You Suck
How do you feel today? How are you?
Are you alright?

Does it feel nice to put dirt on my grave?
Do you even care that you are guilty?
Do you know What you have taken from me?
How does it feel to be a murderer?

I remeber the time you took my soul
I remember the day you blustered me out
Can't stand the arrogance you carry
God I hate you
Although I think
I'm your friend

I ripped out my flesh in anger
The hate destroyes me inside

Every word you speak to me
brings pain
Every second of silence
brings pain
Every minute you're there
It feeds the ache
Every minute you're not there
I suffer inside

Do you even care about the dead bodies around you?
The trace of blood that shines on your hand so bright
How much of my soul will you take until you realise
What you are
What you do
What is your guilty mess
Track Name: Oceans
I never knew how to lie to you
I never knew what to say
I never knew how to love you
I didn't know how to lie

It is never enough to know
About tomorrow
For no one ever knows
The sun will rise again

An ocean in between
That seperates the soul
from what is right, what is wrong
From the shadows a hand did rise
to pull me into the waves of eternity

Open your eyes to what lies beneath
Release from the mask
Let me see you smile for once
I want to feel your reality
And your tears will dry upon
my doom forevermore
And a flower will spread
in my empty eyes with the years

A million tales I told
A million deaths I died
My blood will drip from the ceiling
My mind will fly
Now that I lost you
Finally I am free

I see tears in your eyes
What do you hide?
Beneath the mask
Now I see the sun
Track Name: Fire
The fire hugs me
I feel it's burning love
The pain is filling my heart
With love
I can see my body
From hanging above
The fire is bringing
Me love

The flame is warming my soul
The fire is showing my bones
I always wished to see them
So I am satisfied with the pain

The fire is cleaning me
The first time I feel clean
In my life
The fire is washing away
The dirt of my soul
And all that will rest of it
Will be a bit of ash

I'm burning myself
I'm burning the lies
It was all my own fault
Now I correct it
Here I'm standing in flames
And awaiting my life's end